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Hidden Wall Outlet Floor Diversion Secret Safe

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Designed to FOOL the Smartest Thief !!!

We all want to keep our valuables in a very safe place in our home and to keep thieves from stealing our household worth of money, jewelry, etc. But this can be quite challenging especially if you don't know where to put them. Keep an entire household's worth of Money, Jewelry and Valuables in this Secret Hidden Safe Vault.

Hidden Wall Outlet Floor Diversion Secret Safe looks like a standard wall outlet, but contains a secret compartment within the wall. When traveling or away from home, add an extra layer of security for cash, credit cards, small jewelry and watches, keys, and other small valuables by hiding them where a thief is unlikely to notice.

It is designed to fool the smartest thief. It looks like an ordinary electrical outlet but there is a hidden compartment or vault inside. And it perfectly blends in with all the other outlets in your home making it virtually undetectable to thieves. This vault isn't just any kind of vault.

Simple key unlocking allows you to maintain easy access to your valuables while hidden, if you prefer to store them in the concealed safe at all times. The Hidden Wall Outlet Safe can be unlocked with a screwdriver if keys go missing. Electronics with standard sized plugs can be plugged in to the diversion safe for a more realistic look.


  • Safe and Locking Mechanism to easy operate
  • Made of high impact plastic and metal
  • Look realistic like other sockets
  • Easy to install
  • The perfect way to keep your valuables safe


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 15 X 5 X 9cm
  • Shape:Square

Package Includes:

  • 1X Hidden Wall Outlet Floor Diversion Secret Safe

Hidden Wall Outlet Floor Diversion Secret Safe

$19.95 $45.00 55% Off