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Spring Line LCD Electric Voltage Multimeter Tester

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This Spring Line LCD Electric Voltage Multimeter Tester is a voltage detector with an automotive circuit tester/circuit test light with 3-32V testing range, the digital multimeter is ideal for checking car truck and various vehicles' electrical circuits, also for other wiring and circuits. The digital LED voltage display of the digital multimeter for accurate volt readouts, .1 v resolution ratio with 0.5v accuracy. High quality 96 inches long enough PU spring wire with a large size alligator clip for easy one-hand operation. This voltage tester has a heavy-duty test light body constructed with high-quality material.

Bidirectional current voltage testing mode, you can attach the alligator clamp of this Spring Line LCD Electric Voltage Multimeter Tester either to negative or positive ground, there is also a light-emitting diode on the circuit board for polarity indication, the voltmeter has a red light that indicates positive polarity and a green light indicates negative polarity. Our multimeter is equipped with a sharp stainless steel probe with a protective rubber tip for piercing wires, also for hard to reach tight areas.

The Spring Line LCD Electric Voltage Multimeter Tester is a voltage tester that is used to detect power, ground and find shorts and breaks in wires. Long probe with alligator clip of this voltage detector make sure you are able to reach the right place, it will save you time and speed up the job. The handle of the voltage detector brightly illuminates if the circuit is good. Due to the different measured voltages, the brightness of the light will be different. This digital multimeter is made of durable copper and plastic, durable and reliable. It can be used for car, RV, and even truck, a professional tool for detecting open circuit, fuse, tuning signal light, headlight, taillight, etc.


  • The digital multimeter has short-circuited protection and can test for bad ground contacts will reset automatically within 3 to 5 seconds.
  • After an alarm sound, if this multimeter is still connected with the testing object and you keep pressing down the power switch, the circuit breaker will repeat the process of the trip and reset automatically.
  • This voltage detector can be used to test continuity, test the polarity of a voltage, check lamp, check the electric motor.
  • The illumination function of the voltmeter enables an automotive technician to test the electrical system in the darkness.
  • Our voltage tester has a built-in flashlight to indicate the DC voltage measurement.
  • This digital multimeter is conducted directly to the tip which may cause sparks when contacting the ground or certain circuits.


  • 1.65m extended spring line
  • Voltage Range: 5-36V
  • Type: Multimeter
  • Voltage Range: 6V / 12V / 24V DC
  • Clamp Capacity: 20 AMP
  • Pen Length: 7 in
  • The material of Handle: Insulative ABS

Package Includes:

  • 1X Spring Line LCD Electric Voltage Multimeter Tester