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Wideband Air Fuel Ratio AFR Gauge With O2 Sensor

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This Wideband Air Fuel Ratio AFR Gauge With O2 Sensor is an air-fuel ratio meter that has a high-performance gauge that monitors and tunes your vehicle’s air to fuel ratio, resulting in multiple benefits. This air-fuel gauge has benefits that include maximized power and engine performance, reduced emissions, and higher fuel economy by allowing you to carefully map out your vehicle’s air to fuel ratios throughout the range of RPM and manifold pressure.

When powered on the digital gauge will read the voltage for 1 minute and switch to Air Fuel Ratio. This Wideband Air Fuel Ratio AFR Gauge With O2 Sensor will only switch back to voltage if there is a decrease or increase. The output voltage of this innovate wideband is only two: 0.1V and 0.9V, so this air-fuel ratio gauge only can show the working status: "LEAN" and "RICH, the digital display of this air-fuel ratio gauge will only show the number like 19 or 11(Represents the working status is LEAN or RICH)

The included stepper motor of this Wideband Air Fuel Ratio AFR Gauge With O2 Sensor ensures all needle movement is incredibly smooth and all gauge readings are extremely accurate. The air-fuel meter has an adjustable high and low warning functions that will alert you visually or with an optional audible tone, ensuring your vehicle’s air/fuel mixture is running at optimum levels.


  • The air gauge housing ensures that it will fit in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere.
  • Our wideband gauges feature a 0-5V analog output for use with data loggers and almost any engine management system.
  • This air-fuel ratio gauge comes with black and silver bezels and black and white faceplates for multiple color combinations and a custom look.
  • The air-fuel ratio meter has sensors that are not interchangeable between the two gauge controllers in any way, including changing connectors on the gauges.
  • The air-fuel ratio gauge is an essential tool to use to closely monitor and fine-tune your performance vehicle’s air-to-fuel ratios from 10 ~ 20 AFR quality values.
  • Multiple benefits of using this innovative wideband include reduced emissions and higher fuel economy.


  • Input Voltage: 0~1 V
  • Display Range: 20.0%~10.0%
  • Digital Accurately: Every 0.5%
  • Item Height: 52 mm
  • Item Weight: 0.3kg
  • Item Width: 52 mm
  • Item Length: 52 mm
  • Material Type: ABS

Package Includes:

  • 1X Wideband Air Fuel Ratio AFR Gauge With O2 Sensor