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Bed Boost

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Does your old mattress sag and already uncomfortable, that you toss and turn all night waking up with a backache?

Say goodbye to lumpy mattress!

Introducing, Bed Boost the amazing new sleek system that revives your old saggy mattress instantly, giving you a well-rested night so youâ™ll wake up refreshed in the morning.

Simply slip the Bed Boost between your saggy mattress and its box spring, pump it up and it will quickly inflate and boost your mattress. Amazing! As mattresses get old, they wear out and sag over time creating giant deeps and lumps that can cause pressure point pain. Bed Boost uses airlift technology to fill in saggy deeps and evenly distribute your weight, reducing discomfort all over your body. It contours to your individual shape for an incredible support.


  • Bed Boost: Boosts your bed and always makes it feel new.
  • Easy to use: Just slide unto your mattress and pump it up.
  • Stored away easily under your mattress
  • Durable and strong enough to lift 700lbs of cement

Bed Boost can be placed according to your needs. Place it unto the head of your mattress to help alleviate snoring and acid reflux, or unto the foot of the bed to help elevate legs and ease lower back aches and swollen feet. Bed Boost means you don't have to get a new expensive mattress where you can just fix and boost your old one for a lower cost. Enjoy custom comfort when you sleep at night