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Bike Tire Pump Tire Inflator Bike Pump

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In a small bike pump family, Bike Tire Pump Tire Inflator Bike Pump is the smallest and lightest tire inflator,however, this bicycle bump can bring magical energy. The bike tire pump is small enough to put it in your pocket or backpack, this tire pump will not add any burden to you and the bicycle but will make the journey more enjoyable and smooth.

This tire pump has a flexible & separate hose that would put less strain on tire valve stems and avoid bent & broken stems. This tire inflator is easy to access tires. The screw valve of this tire pump can completely seal onto bike valve stem, no more air leakage, and more safety.

Our Bike Tire Pump Tire Inflator Bike Pump is a miniature bike pump designed to keep your tires inflated while on-the-go. The tirepump is durable yet small enough to pack and take with you on your ride. The bicycle pump is the perfect tool to have for unexpected flat tires and emergency filling.

Bike Tire Pump Tire Inflator Bike Pump is a bicycle pump that has an entire barrel that is made of 6063 high-grade aluminum alloy, and the surface is anodized. The bike tire pump not only has a hard texture but also waterproof and does not rust. Our tire inflator is also suitable for electric bicycles as well as strollers and wheelchairs. Even if this tire pump is used for a long time, the bike pump can also be as glittering as the original, just as it can play its role.


    • This bike pump is durable but small enough to fit in your bike bag easily.
    • You can also mount this tire inflator on the bike.
    • Oversized air cylinder enables this bike pump to reduce 20% inflating time compared to conventional bike tire pump.
    • The bike tire pump is made of steel and aluminum alloy for higher durability.
    • Valve head of this tire pump can easily switch between valves for ease of use with both kinds of bicycle tires.


    • Dimensions: 13.3cm X 2.6cm
    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Weight: 58.6g

Package Includes:

    • 1X Bike Tire Pump Tire Inflator Bike Pump