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Bug Repel Band (10-PACK)

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Forget poisonous sprays, organic solutions, electronic mosquito traps, and other expensive, unsafe or hard-to- use anti-mosquito solutions. Wear a bracelet at night or any other time of the day and leverage an innovative and highly effective mosquito deterrent.

  • SUPER PACK - how about protecting your entire family from mosquito bites without shedding a sweat about it? Our mosquito repellent bracelets come in a super pack of 10 so that all members of your family are including kids, are safe from mosquitoes. Simply wear a bracelet when you're retiring to bed and you can just forget about the mosquito menace.
  • ELEGANT & COMFORTABLE - tired of hunting down mosquitoes using electronic traps, connecting repellers, or making organic repellent solutions before you go to bed? Take advantage of the most comfortable and easiest to use mosquito bracelets available right now. You can wear this bracelet on any street day and no one will ever know that it's a repeller.
  • SAFETY VERIFIED - tackle your mosquito menace within the confines of safety. Unlike many other products that are based on potentially harmful ingredients, our repellent bracelets are 100% safe. They are also designed to protect you from mosquitoes for up to 420 hours, giving you maximum value for your money.
  • PREMIUM BRAND GUARANTEE - get a comfortable, easy-to- use, and hassle-free mosquito deterrent repeller bracelet pack for your entire family.