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Fish Finder Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder

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The Fish Finder Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder is a mobile fish finder and app that you can bring with you wherever you fish. The kayak fish finder was designed with portability and flexibility in mind so anglers of all skill levels and types could take the latest in portable sonar fish-finding technology with them on the go. Using an iPhone or Android mobile device, this depth finder can mark fish, map depth contours and underwater structure, save water temp, weather and location, species, photos, and hot spots and choose to share on social media directly if desired.

This fishing equipment is one of the best personal fish finders on the market for fishing from shore and docks and is ideal for kayak, raft, or canoe fishing and for bottom sounding areas not accessible by boat. The Fish Finder Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder is a portable fish finder that works in saltwater and freshwater and is very effective at locating fish and structures on ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. This fish finder even works for ice fishing.

The Fish Finder Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder has a free app that syncs via Bluetooth Smart to the depth finder device and allows you to map waterbeds, mark spots, log water temps, and depth, add lures, species, and photos in the trip log. The portable fish finder has a built-in LED beacon, and the strike and fish alarms, are great for ice fishing, carp, and night fishing. The high contrast design and the app’s anti-glare setting of this fish finder increase visibility in bright outdoor lighting.


  • The kayak fish finder is one of the lightest of the portable fish finders that can be cast long distances to map the bottom contours and locate schools of fish or structure, ledges, and holes where the big ones lurk.
  • You can GPS mark spots, laydowns (trees that have fallen), weed beds, dropoffs, and other underwater structure where fish might be lying in wait to ambush baitfish.
  • The depth finder is a great addition to your tackle bucket for pier fishing.
  • You’ll have the advantage over all the other fishing equipment who don't know where the fish are.
  • Whether in freshwater or at the ocean, just cast out this fish finder to map the waterbed, mark fish and save GPS locations and you’ll catch more and larger fish every time.
  • Use the portable fish finder feature to locate and warn you when schools of fish gather under docks and piers and use the fish alarm to let you know when they are biting.


  • Sonar Readings: 4ft - 135ft Deep
  • Rechargeable Battery: 15+ Hours of Use
  • LED Beacon
  • Battery Life: 10+ Hours
  • Operating System: iOS 10.0/Android 4.3
  • Bluetooth: 4.0

Package Includes:

  • 1X Fish Finder Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder