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Ionic Best Air Purifier Necklace Air Cleaner

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The Ionic Best Air Purifier Necklace Air Cleaner is an ionic air purifier necklace that is designed to be portable and suitable for personal use. Both automotive air purification and domestic air purification can be used. A portable personal air cleaner that releases 5,000,000 negative ions in a cubic meter of space to completely purify the air around you, ensuring that you can breathe clean air at all times.

This Ionic Best Air Purifier Necklace Air Cleaner is a personal air purifier that has been scientifically proven to eliminate most of the smoke, dust, cooking odors and even PM2.5 air pollutants, improving mood and sleep. This portable air cleaner is ideal for allergies, asthma, stuffy noses and other people who are sensitive to breathing. Annoying artificial odor can be avoided. The ionic air purifier has a working volume that is no more than 25db, completely silent, so you can use the best air purifier in the office or bedroom without worrying about your rest and work.

This ionic air purifier releases more than six million negative air purified by ions to remove contaminants from your personal space. Scientifically proven, Ionic Best Air Purifier Necklace Air Cleaner can effectively purify dirty air by indoor air and harmful substances This mini air purifier is simple and compact. You can hang this ionic air purifier around the neck, hung in the car, very elegant, and can be used to create a clean and good air zone in travel, public places or other places with poor air quality. Let the fresh air always accompany you.


  • The sound of the ionic air purifier is very quiet during operation and will NOT disturb you when you work or rest.
  • The operation is very simple, you just have to press the button of this air purifier for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air.
  • This air cleaner necklace is wearable and lightweight, wear it around your neck, hang in the car.
  • Whether your traveling by plane, train, bus or in the gym, in the crowded elevators, or in the office, you can wear the best air purifier and enjoy the safe, clean air.
  • Our ionic air purifier is a perfect gift for kids, pregnant, allergies, smoke-hater, etc.
  • The pulse tip technology of this air purifier is used to release a large amount of oxygen anion.
  • The latest double carbon brush double negative ion generator design uses over 6 million negative ions to effectively remove harmful substances such as floating dust, smoke, formaldehyde and PM2.5 in the air.


  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Input Power: 0.1W
  • Size: 60mm X 55mm X 17mm
  • Charging Time: about 1 hour
  • Length of Use: 20~24 hours
  • Power Supply: USB
  • Battery Capacity: 200MAH

Package Includes:

  • 1X Ionic Best Air Purifier Necklace Air Cleaner