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Leather Hole Puncher Belt Hole Puncher

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Leather Hole Puncher Belt Hole Puncher is a leatherhole puncher that is ideal for usage on many different surfaces! This leather belt holepuncher is an awesome tool! The belt puncher is commonly used for punching round holes in leather, belts, plastic, rubber, canvas, fabric, cardboard, saddles, and similar materials. The leather punch tool is especially useful as a leather hole punch. It has 6 different sizes, which is perfect for home hobby or commercial use. And the six tapered of this belt hole puncheris very sharp to meet the maximum demand.
This leather belt hole puncher can punch holes not only in materials like leather, but also other kinds of materials like cardboard, polyurethane, fabrics, and many more. Perfect for belts, bags, watch bands, saddles, pet collars, shoes and so on. This leather punch tool is made of manganese steel that is known for high impact strength, and thus guarantees optimum wear and sharp cutting properties.
The soft PVC coating of this Leather Hole Puncher Belt Hole Puncher makes the handles non-slippery and comfortable to grasp, and the black finish prevents the puncherâ™s metal body from oxidation. The durable paper punch is made of plated steel that is high hardness, good toughness and durable.
The leatherhole punch has a surface of metal deal with spray lacquer process to avoid oxidation. The brass pad of the belt puncher adopts the thickness design to guarantee safety. We add grinding rod on it for easy cleaning. The Leather Hole Puncher Belt Hole Puncher adopts a double-lever mechanism to greatly save your strength. Our leather punch tool is powerful and does not require much strength to get perfect holes.
Powerful penetrability makes the work easier. And the punch plier has an anti-slid and environmental protection handle. Non-slip handles of this belt puncherare for added comfort, which guarantees long-lasting working.

  • In the bottom of thebelt hole puncher, there is a stainless buckle. When you don't work, you can buckle the safe lock. And the leather punch tool will become small to save your space.
  • The unique design of the leather hole punch allows for use with one hand and gives you the ability to create stronger punches.
  • Our paper punch is especially useful as a leather hole punch.
  • The convenient spring tension of this hole puncher gives superior power and comfort.
  • This leather punch toolfits your palm and allows for maximum force output.
  • The comfortable design of the leather belt hole puncher isfor easy punching and less hand fatigue.


  • Material: Carbon Steel + Rubber
  • Plier Size: 230 X 95mm

Package Includes:

  • 1X Leather Hole Puncher Belt Hole Puncher