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Snow Cone Shaved Hand Ice Machine

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With a simple crank of the handle, you've got yourself perfectly crushed ice without the need for confusing settings or various buttons to press. With our Snow Cone Shaved Hand Ice Machine, you can make a delicious drink by adding a cool ice cube to a combination of fruit or seasonings.

The blades of this shaved ice maker are made from a durable, high-quality stainless steel material that will break the ice without bending for strong and fast crushing action. The non-slip base of the snow cone machine can keep the ice shaver securely in place during use. When the ice is crushed, just place and leave it in the shaved ice machine and use it as a serving bowl or ice bucket for ice so your guests can freely grab ice for their drinks! The snow cone maker is an ideal tool to bring with you to parties and celebrations to create great-looking drinks!

Perfect ice made easy, for any drink, cocktail, smoothie, wine bucket, seafood platter, you name it – our Snow Cone Shaved Hand Ice Machine delivers you with perfectly crushed ice every time. A snow cone machine is a great tool for bartenders and drink servers at restaurants. Turn your ice cubes into perfectly crushed cool dust that you can place into your soda and cocktails for fancy cooling effect. With a shaved ice maker, you can conveniently have perfectly shaved ice for all beverages, meals, and treats!


  • For cool looking ice buckets, wonderful seafood platters, or just a nice after-dinner snow cone, shaved ice is always more appealing than cubed ice both functionally and aesthetically.
  • With our shaved ice machine, you will be creating lovely displays of food and beverages at your fancy dinner party for all your guests to enjoy.
  • Without the need of fancy electronics, confusing settings, and a whole panel of buttons to push, our shaved ice maker is a single, one-motion, manually operated ice disintegrator that everyone can use.
  • Simply place ice in the mouth of the shaved ice machine and turn the lovely, ergonomic crank.
  • With less strain on your wrist and no trickery, everyone can grow accustomed to using this device for any occasion.
  • Great for summer outings to cool off at the beach or just a nice indoors get together with friends and family.


  • Power: Manual
  • Power (W): Input(300w) Output(380w)
  • Container Volume: 650 ml
  • Size: 22cm X 28 cm X 16 cm
  • Material: AS Plastic

Package Includes:

  • 1X Snow Cone Shaved Hand Ice Machine